Supreme Court Nursery Admission Judgment


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed resumption of nursery admissions in Delhi which were stalled over scrapping of inter-state transfer quota seats.

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The apex court quashed the February 27 notification issued by the Delhi lieutenant governor to scrap the inter-state transfer quota and granted admission to successful transfer quota candidates whose parents had approached court.

The apex court said wards of those who had approached the court challenging scrapping of the inter-state transfer quota would be given a seat even if a particular school had filled all seats and asked the Delhi government to raise number of seats, if required, to accommodate 24 students whose parents had approached the court.

With the Supreme Court’s ruling, the five-monthlong impasse on nursery admissions in Delhi finally came to an end.

The SC had on April 11 put nursery admissions on hold again in Delhi schools after it put a stay on Delhi HC’s April 3 interim order directing that those children who were selected in draw of lot for neighbourhood and other categories, be admitted.

It had on April 28 asked Delhi government to consider increasing seats in schools to accommodate inter-state transfer cases.o



Click to read whole judgement below the link.

supreme court nursery order

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